Here it is! What everyone really wants to know but is too superstitious to ask about. These are wonderful lives, masterfully written about. -Liz Smith, syndicated columnist New York Social Diary

Some mentors teach us specific skills; others teach us major life lessons. Elizabeth Howard gives the reader the opportunity to learn from an impressive group of wise and experienced elders, beginning with her own father. -Dr. Margery Hutter Silver, co-author Living to 100, retired Assistant Professor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School

The author, Elizabeth Howard, expresses the essence of this book which reveals that ‘living is giving.  - Carol Channing, actress/comedienne

This collection reminds us of how evergreen the subject of aging always remains. So much to say, so little time, yet the many beguiling and inspiring essays in Elizabeth Howard’s book all celebrate exploring every last drop of life. You’ll feel younger by the page. -Jane Barnes, author of Falling in Love With Joseph Smith

Whether it’s work (Walter Cronkite), love (Carol Channing) or good education, good health and learning how to rest (Rosa Parks), we hear gems from heroes and lesser known, but equally wise, experts on aging, all inspiring us to live fully and joyfully. -Kathryn Erskine, author of Mockingbird, National Book Award winner for YA literature

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